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We’re a trusted platform. We offer only verified information on the pros and cons of lending organizations and the products they offer. Making the right decision is as easy as ABC with our help.
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Free expert assistance. Whenever you have no idea what financial product to choose, contact our specialists for free. They’ll give you all the necessary information instantly. Compare various options on our platform anytime you doubt which choice is the best one for you.
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Instant help online. Don’t spend valuable time on visiting banks. Get financial support online in several clicks.
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Advanced comparison tools. Use our smart comparison technologies and find the option that fits your needs best. We’re professionals in this sphere and can help you make the comparison procedure fast and hassle-free.
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Main Requirements to Get a Loan

Age restrictions

You should be from 22 to 60 years old to be approved for a loan online. There are lenders who have special offers for students and pensioners.


It’s a must to have a citizenship in the Philippines to get the loan approval. If you don’t have residency or citizenship, you have no chances to obtain money from online lending companies.

ID documents

Every potential borrower should provide his/her passport details. It’s impossible to get a loan approval without the identification documents.

Valid bank account

Borrowers are required to have a bank account to get a loan transfer. The same bank account can be used for the withdrawal of the monthly loan amount and the interest rate.

Contact information

You should fill out an application form mentioning your contact phone number and email. You’ll get a confirmation message in case your loan application is approved. The manager may contact you in case some information requires verification.

About Us

Our platform is the place where you can learn about different lending companies and choose the best option from the comfort of your home. Applying for a loan is as easy as ABC with our help. We provide borrowers with an opportunity to pick the right financial product after making all the necessary calculations. Just use an online calculator, compare rates, and apply for the loan option that can meet your personal requirements. Our main aim is to help borrowers in the Philippines to make reasonable decisions that will contribute to their wellbeing.

Need money urgently? Come to us and find out what products are worth choosing. No need to go to each lender and ask what options he/she offers. You’ll find all the necessary information on our platform. You can apply for the chosen loan within minutes using our effective search and comparison system. Use it whenever you are from any device with the Internet connection and make well-informed decisions with us.

Sorry, all of our staff are in quarantine due to COVID-19. We will contact you as soon as possible. Stay home and be safe!