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Atome Credit Review

Atome Credit is one of the most reliable lending companies in the Philippines. The company was established in 2018 in the Philippines. However, the start of its operation was performed long ago, as Neuroncredit Financing Corporation, Inc. in Singapore. Since then, the company has expanded to the markets of several more countries. Now, the company operates in many countries around the world and provides loans to all kinds of people.

Since 2018, Atom Credit has been working hard to provide more financial opportunities to each citizen of the Philippines.

The main aim of the company is to increase the percentage of financial inclusion of citizens by providing loans at the first request. We should admit that the company is managing it very efficiently. Because of reduced requirements, almost everybody can apply for a loan and get it.

How to Apply?

The main target of the company is to provide access to finances to all eligible citizens. That’s why the application process for a loan is simplified. All you need to apply for a loan is a smartphone and the internet connection.

Atome credit application is performed online. All that is requested from you is to follow the next steps:

Create your private space on the website. For that, register your account on the website. Just provide the requested information to do so.
Fill in the application for your loan. For that, you will be asked to provide some information. So, prepare your ID scan and a selfie in advance. You will need to submit them, and if they are ready, it will save you some time.
If the loan is approved, you will get the requested sum to your bank account.
Select the loan sum and the repayment time. It will take a while until the system calculates the sum for repayment. Wait please to see if the repayment sum is convenient for you.
Further, you can use the money. Do not forget to repay the loan on time. If you do so, further, you can count on special treatment from the company. For example, you will be able to apply for higher sums, the approval process will be simplified, and many more nice things.
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Documentary Requirements

You don’t need to submit a pile of documents to apply for a loan with Atome Credit Apk. You would need to scan your ID, take a selfie with your ID and send it to the mail of the company.

However, you need to comply with some more requirements if you want your loan to be approved. There are not so many requirements though, and they are rather logical:

  • An applicant should be full-aged and able to repay the loan. Hence, the age of the applicants is limited to 18 – up to 55 years old.
  • An applicant should be either a citizen of the Philippines or have a permanent residence permit.
  • An applicant should have a valid bank account to be able to receive the loan funds.
  • The last requirement is a legal employment or a constant income proof. For that, a payment proof can be used or a certificate from a bank.

These are the requirements needed to provide the company the minimum-security level. There are not so many of them, and they all are absolutely reasonable.


Whenever you are applying for an Atome Loan Philippines, you should consider that you need to repay not only the loan body. Interests are applied to each loan.

The interest rate is quite high, like in any other lending company. It amounts to 0,9% per day, or 328,5% per annum if you prefer payment per year. The service fee is applied, as well.

Hence, before applying for a loan, it is recommended to compare the available options and to select those that are the most profitable. The interests are not low, hence, calculate everything properly.

Payment Options

Every time a notification is sent to your mail in advance. In this notification, you will find all the information on repayment. Just select the preferred way to repay the loan and follow the instructions.

Usually, you can repay from a bank account or a credit/debit card. All the repayment operations can be done online. This is one more advantage of the company.

Advantages of Atome Credit Loan

Atome Credit has a number of pros that cannot be left without attention. The main advantages are:

  • All the procedures are performed online. No need to hand in papers, visit offices, and so on. You repay the loan online, as well.
  • The loans are approved within one day maximum. This option is great in case of an emergency.
  • The loan approval is almost guaranteed is the applicant complies with the few requirements.
  • The credit history of the applicant doesn’t interest the company. Atome Credit specialists decide whether to issue a loan or not based on other criteria. Hence, you can apply for a loan with this company even if you don’t have a single chance with a bank.
  • There are no hidden fees. Everything is clear and transparent. For more convenience, all the repayments can be calculated automatically on the website. Just enter the requested data and check if the sum for repayment is fine.

Is Atome Legit?

Any Atome review provides the readers with all the needed information about the company. On the company`s website an official Atome Credit address is indicated along with all the contacts needed to get in touch with the company.

The company has an official registration number which is also provided on the website.

The lending company has been on the market for several years. During these years, Atome Credit has established itself as a trusted reputable company. The applications of thousands of people have been approved during the period when the company operates on the market of the country.

Hence, Atome Credit is absolutely legit. You can use it absolutely calmly if you need an urgent loan.


Atome Credit is definitely one of the best lending companies online when it comes to the rate of loan approvals and the attention to the clients. The professional Atome Credit support service is online to reply to any questions and to guide through the entire application procedure.