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Cashwagon Loans Review

Money makes a significant part of our lives – we strive for it, devote our time to earn it and become disappointed when we lack it in our nest egg. Sometimes we feel shock waves on our finances, sometimes we can’t tuck away enough. That is why we have to possess a reliable plan B just in case you lack finances. Choosing a lending service with 0 % profit as your partner would be a rather wise decision as you will not pay over the odds, but pay in return only the money you have borrowed.

This article aims to tell you there is one – the company Cashwagon in the Philippines, or otherwise known as Green Money Tree Lending Corporation, is a legit and easy way to take out a loan under 0 %. Having won the trust of its customers and occupying the leading positions among service that give out personal loans since 2017.

The office in Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City is open Monday through Friday, 10.00 AM - 7.00 PM. Plus, for being more accessible to the public, other offices can be found on the 22nd Floor in The World Centre Building.

More than that, the company gives money to all kinds of customers, including those from overseas. That is why, if you’re unable to visit the office in person, feel free to contact the website. To do this, you need only to write to them through Facebook or Instagram or dial the following numbers: (02) 7908-2891, (02) 8396-6621. You could also contact the firm through the e-mail address

How to Apply?

The procedure is as simple as a day. You fill in the application blank, enclose the required documents, and then, after you get a quick SMS approval, starting from about an hour’s period of time to the whole banking day, you get the credit money that was applied for. As a result, you will sign a two-sided contract where all dates and the suitable for your budget sums of repayment will be specified.

Having gone through the process of application, you will be able to borrow the sum of money starting from the sums of PHP 8,000 and PHP 40,000 (the sums are given in Philippine Peso), which equals 158 USD and 790 USD correspondingly.

Documentary Requirements

The documents you need to apply are minimum, – in fact, they are required just to verify that you’re a real person and are adult enough to pay the loan off. At the stage of applying, you need to be ready to provide the so called ‘personally identifiable’ data – first, you fill in the application form, provide the necessary documents and the photo of yourself, mention your ID, the date and place of birth, postal code, give your bank account details. Only after that, the request is considered official.

NB. All the personal data can be edited during 1 calendar year from the moment of publishing.

Note that for making electronic payments and identifying you as a real person, you will often need to use a digital signature, so be ready for that and think in advance about it as well. If you have the questions about what exactly your personal info is used for, there are a few spheres that cannot function properly without it. In a nutshell, they include staying in contact with you as a customer and verifying the client's identity, carrying out all the financial transactions, organizing customer support, sending the relevant updates about the lending process, and protecting the rights and interests of the company. Still, you don’t need to be worried about the possible chances that the information you provide somehow ‘leaks’. At Cashwagon, it will never happen.


For using this service, you are most likely to be charged only an interest, a service charge and a processing fee on condition that all repayments will be carried out just on time. Plus, you will need to take into consideration the interest rate, that will be assigned when signing the contract agreement. Usually, it does not make more than 18 % per one year’s loan, however, every detail about it should be discussed directly with the lender.

Payment Options

For making repayments as convenient as possible, the service lets clients pay in the following ways:

  • Using cash;
  • Through the Cashwagon App;
  • By a credit card.

Choose an option you’re good with, however, remembering that the procedure should be done not later than 7 PM on the set date.

Advantages of Cashwagon Loan

What concerns paying this loan off, with Cashwagon it’s more than convenient – by making monthly payments that are comfortable for you, you won’t feel any financial downturn in your budget. Besides, when always paying off in time, you are likely to get extra bonuses. Plus, it’s a better option for the customers living outside the Republic of the Philippines to use smartphones for accomplishing these operations.

Is Cashwagon Legit?

Taking this directly from the Terms and Conditions, we can clearly see that the website offers a totally lawful service according to R.A. No. 3765 or the “Truth In Lending Act” where all the lending policy is lawful and possesses rigid rules. Still, as the special requirements for becoming a borrower, you need to be not younger than 20 and not older than 60, with a job and a steady stream of income.


Cashwagon is one of the most trustworthy loan companies offering comfortable within-an-hour loans to adult users, so don’t hesitate if you need financial help. Go to the website and get the loan in 50 minutes’ time, leaving your anxiety about tomorrow behind!