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Get Fast Loan Approval with No Credit Check

Bad credit history: this phrase is a torture to those who need urgent financial assistance but cannot get it from banks. It happens with those who have had a loan with a bank but didn’t manage to repay it on time.

Once it happened, banks don’t give any money again. It seems that a bad credit score will follow you all your life.

Where to Get a Fast Loan Approval?

Min-Max Loan Sum
1000-20000 PHP
14-28 days
Interest Rate
Min-Max Loan Sum
1000-20000 PHP
14-28 days
Interest Rate

Is there any company that would be interested in your financial condition now rather than in your past? Yes, there are many such companies. Their aim is to provide fast financial help to those who cannot get it from banks, for one or another reason.

That’s why if you have an emergency situation if you need to pay medical services, studies, if you need to buy something, such lending companies are the best option.

How does it work and what are their requirements? We will check it further. But there is something you should know: it works for everybody who has a permanent income.

Loan Cash Even with Bad Credit

You will find online a number of companies who are willing to provide a loan even if you have a bad credit history. Borrowers should consider though that such companies will ask for some advantages to compensate for additional risks they are taking. Those advantages are expressed with a higher interest rate.

However, in return, any eligible applicant gets some advantages, as well:

  • Such loans are approved very fast. In most cases, it takes 24 hours maximum for a company to review the application and to send the money to the borrower`s account.
  • A credit check is not performed. The lending company is not interested in the borrower`s relationship with banks. The company is interested in other things, such as the person`s current financial condition, for example.
  • An applicant can select the sum and the repayment period in order to be able to repay the loan conveniently.
  • All the procedures are performed online. An applicant doesn’t need to run to the company office to sign documents. Neither one needs to collect a pile of papers. The money is sent to the borrower`s account online and the repayments are made online, as well. It is very convenient. Moreover, it is safe.

Borrower Requirements

In the Philippines, lending companies don’t have very high requirements for borrowers. The requested papers might vary from one company to another, however, there is a set that is common in any lending institution. Hence, the requirements that one should comply to get a fast loan are the following:

  • The applicant should be a citizen of the country or should have a permanent residence permit. Any company will ask for a scanned copy of a passport or any other ID to prove that the person complies with this requirement.
  • A lending company wants to know that the person is able to repay the loan. That’s why proof of constant income is a must. This option might vary from one company to another. Usually, it can be a payslip from an employer or a bank statement where all the movements of funds are indicated.
  • Normally, there are age limitations. The lower age eligible for a loan is usually 18 years old. The upper age varies greatly, from 50 years old and higher, up to 70 years old.
  • Any lending company wants to be sure that you are applying for a loan in your name. Therefore, there is nothing strange if a company asks to send a selfie with the ID. It is to make sure that the person uses his/her own documents to apply for a loan.
  • Without a bank account, the applicant will not be able to get a loan. That’s why it is a must to have a valid bank account.
  • All the confirmation codes are sent on the mobile phone of the applicant. Hence, the availability of a mobile device with a working number is a must for loan approval, as well.


To summarize, here the applicants will find the reply to the most common questions. For more detailed information, refer please to the article.

Can I get an online loan with no credit check?

Yes, absolutely. Every person can get a loan online, or a payday loan, without any credit check. All one needs to do is to file an application with an online lending company and to provide the documents that the company requests. You can select the sum and the repayment period on yourself.

How to improve my credit score?

The only option to improve your credit score is to repay the loans on time or before the deadline. If you see that you cannot manage it without additional assistance, you can apply for a fast loan online. One of the reliable lending companies in the Philippines will issue it willingly. Then, after your loan is approved and the funds are sent to your account, you can use it to repay the loan with the bank.

It might bear some additional costs because payday loans have usually higher interests than bank loans. But it might be the best option to solve the problem once or twice.

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