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Online Loans Pilipinas

Have you faced an emergency that requires a financial solution? Don’t have much time to apply for a bank credit or your score prevents you from doing this? Not a problem. The online-loans platform will come to the rescue. It’s a reputable lending company that offers favorable conditions for getting instant money. Thanks to this resource, you can forget about long queues and the need to provide a lot of documents for getting a loan. Want to learn more about this platform? Keep on reading this unbiased online loans Pilipinas review to make a well-informed decision whether it’s exactly what you need now.

How to Apply?

Nothing is easier than applying for a loan online at Online Loans Pilipinas. Do you have five minutes? It’s the time you need to spend on filling out an application form online. The good news is that you can apply for a loan from the comfort of your home using any device as the main thing is to have access to the Internet. On the main page of the site, you’ll find an application form.

When visiting the site for the first time, you’ll need to provide such information as your full name and contacts. Before you submit an application, you’re recommended to use an online calculator to find out how much you’ll need to pay back at the end of the period. If you check it and understand that it’s the amount you can repay, then, pass to the application procedure. Indicate the amount of the loan you’d like to get, the term within which you’ll be able to repay the loan, your age (it should be older than 22). If you are going to get a repeat loan, you can apply for a loan from your personal account where all your contact information is.

Documentary Requirements

Compared to banks, the Online Loans Pilipinas lending organization offers fast loans up to 20000 PHP without any hassle. This means that you can get up to the available amount if you are a citizen of the country submitting a minimum of documents. If you want your loan application to be approved, you should meet the basic requirements. Citizens of the Pilipinas who are 22-60 old and are officially employed have all chances to get loan approval.


Do you need money as quickly as possible? Get it within several minutes and repay within one year. 24 months is the maximum period for borrowers. However, you may contact the lender and discuss extension terms. It’s possible if you have faced some unexpected problems and can’t repay the loan on the agreed term. Of course, you should take into account that the prolongation will cost you additional interest. The interest rate is about 486% per year. This means that if you use the money for the maximum possible period, you’ll overpay the above-mentioned amount. But if you pay back the loan earlier, you’ll overpay less. The exact amount of the repayment depends on the term within which you use the borrowed money.

Payment Options

There are several options to choose from. Choose any of them and pay back the money without leaving home. One of the options is bank transfer, which is the most popular one. Also, borrowers often make monthly payments via Dragon Pay. One more option is making a payment with the help of a payment center, which is also very fast and convenient. You’re free to choose among the available options to make regular fixed payments.

Advantages of Online Loans Pilipinas

There are many advantages of choosing Online Loans Pilipinas as your lender. Check them below and you won’t have any doubts whether you need using Online Loans Pilipinas credit or not.

  • A fast loan application that takes not more than 5 min;
  • Minimum of requirements to the borrowers;
  • Favorable repayment conditions;
  • Reliable customer support;
  • No hidden fees;
  • A variety of payment options;
  • Almost instant loan approval (within one hour);
  • An opportunity to get money to the bank account the same day.

As you can see, getting a loan on this financial resource is full of obvious benefits.

Is Online Loans Pilipinas Legit?

You shouldn’t worry about anything when applying for money at this resource. This platform has been existing in the market of loan services for years. The fast loan lender has a good reputation for a licensed organization. The company Online Loans Pilipinas operates under the law and can be found on the list of the registered lending companies. If you check what borrowers say about this organization, you’ll see that it’s one of the most popular lenders with the best deals. Need to pay urgent bills, get a present for your beloved or repair your car? Don’t hesitate to contact Online Loans Pilipinas.

Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding the work of the company, just use Online Loans Pilipinas contact number and get instant feedback. There is an online live chat option you can use whenever you have faced a problem and want to solve it quickly and effectively. The manager of the company will help you to fill out an application form, make a payment, choose the best loan option that suits your individual requirements, and deal with any other issue.


It can be concluded that Online Loans Pilipinas is worth choosing in the situations when you need money urgently. There are many reasons behind choosing it as your financial helper. First of all, it’s registered company that works under the law of the Philippines. Secondly, it has years of experience working in the sphere of lending and offers favorable conditions. And thirdly, it shows great performance results transferring money within a short period. You won’t overpay much when choosing this lending service because the APR is lower than in many other services.

So, if you need money as quickly as possible, come here and you won’t regret your choice. Have a banking account? Do you work and have a stable income? Then, nothing to worry about. Online Loans Pilipinas will approve your loan application without any problems. Get confirmation in about one hour and check your bank account. In most cases, money is transferred immediately. After getting the loan, you can use it according to your personal wants and needs without reporting the lender what you’re going to spend money on.

  • Compared to banks and other loan companies, MoneyCat requires a minimal amount of documents. It implies only a valid ID, bank account, and phone number.
  • The company does not check the financial background and payability of an applicant. It does not make you deal with taxes, income declarations, etc.
  • The company does not imply pawning. You do not have to acquire a deposit in a bank or estimate your property to get a loan.
  • The company makes instant operations. Along with registration, the shortest term of getting money is about 40 minutes. The standards procedure will take about three hours (the money comes the same day if the application was placed before 1 pm and on the next business day in case of applications later than 1 pm).
  • There are no physical bonds. You can take a loan and repay it without depending on your location. Every Filipino citizen can take it, no matter where they live.
  • The company works online. It means that you do not have to visit the office, i.e. you save more time.
  • The company provides you with an option to increase your chance of approval by following its page on Facebook.
  • There are three loan term options: two, three or four weeks.
  • The maximal amount of the loan (20000 PHP) can cover all possible urgent money needs of an average person.
  • The interest rates do not depend on the sum of the loan.
  • Users will face an attentive support department. Managers will help to solve any issue and answer all the questions. A user will get instant confirmation of every action performed on the site.
  • The interest rates of the company might be high. They depend on the loan term and equal 35%, 52.5%, and 70% correspondingly.
  • Those who are not the clients of a company might not count on a loan exceeding P4000.
  • The company requires passing online registration. The loan cannot be taken via a phone call.